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Welcome to the Grave Forsaken website. We are a Perth Christian metal band consisting of Vaughan Gregory on vocals and guitar, Matt Skipworth on bass, Luke Gallagher on guitar, Elias Salmela on guitar and Tim Steadman on drums. 


2nd May 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. I hope you’re all going well! It’s been a steady week for the band, I’ve continued to plug away on a few projects in the background. In 2024 I’m determined to do a bit each day to move the band forward. Don’t forget to send me your favourite tracks for our prospective 20th anniversary compilation, that’s one of the projects!

On Saturday a new video update was uploaded on YouTube and on Monday a new episode of the podcast was uploaded. I’d encourage you all to get around the videos and podcasts, it’s a great way to get great insight into the band.

A huge thanks to everyone who has streamed or purchased our music this week. Head over to for CDs, including our latest “Moment In Time”! Also a huge thanks to all of you have purchased merch and worn it in your local neighbourhood. There’s a great range of Grave Forsaken gear available at so head over there and grab yourself some!

Matt, Tim and I are going to meet up again shortly for rehearsal. For the time being it will just be the three of us due to Elias and Luke no longer living here in Perth. I’m sure those guys will still appear on albums in the future but playing with us live isn’t currently possible. We plan to lock down a tight set list then look to play some shows once we’ve got the music sorted!

That’s all for this update. Thanks for your continued support and you’ll hear from us again soon!

God Bless and Rock On!

April 25th 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Vaughan here, thanks for checking out the latest update. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the new album “Moment In Time”, we’re really happy with the streaming numbers we’ve been getting, particularly on Spotify! We are at a far higher  number of monthly listeners than we were expecting, so that has been an incredible blessing.

As has been the case for some time now there was a new video update on YouTube plus a new Podcast episode posted this week. Please check those out and subscribe to both so you never miss an update!

We are prepping a track list for a prospective 20th anniversary compilation. We’d love your feedback, so please send us a list of your favourite Grave Forsaken songs and help us decide what to include!

We will soon be arranging the date of our next band rehearsal. Matt, Tim and I are super keen to get a great live set prepped. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes plus update you with photos on social media.

To further support the band please consider buying a CD from Soundmass or some merch from Anchor Merchandising. Every bit helps not only us, but those two great suppliers as well!

Thanks again for your interactions on social media this week and your support in general. Feel free to get in touch anytime via email or PM. We hope you have a great week and you’ll hear from us again soon!

God Bless and Rock On!
Grave Forsaken

April 18th 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Vaughan here, welcome to the latest update. It continues to be an exciting year for the band. We have been really happy with the streaming numbers for “Moment In Time”. It has been our best album launch yet streaming wise, something we are pleased to have achieved 20 years into our history!

Matt and I had our first rehearsal for some time on Friday night just gone. Tim was away on holiday, but we plan to meet up at the rehearsal studio again soon. Matt and I cranked the amps and came up with a solid set list that covers our entire recording history. We have one song from each album and EP, for a total of 12 tracks. We will need to operate as 3 piece for the foreseeable future given that Luke has moved to Nashville and records his album parts remotely these days.

Now that the album is released, I've switched my focus to some other Grave Forsaken projects. I'm gradually getting the back catalogue on bandcamp, and I've nearly got through that task. After that we will be doing limited CD runs of some of the older releases that are either running low or were never on CD in the first place. I'm tentatively working on a live bootleg release as well, but we'll assess the sound quality before deciding whether to release it or not.

The other project we're just starting to think about is “Twenty Years”, our next compilation album. With this project, we'd love your feedback. Send us a list of your favourite Grave Forsaken tracks and we'll start working out what to put on it! 

As always there was a new Grave Forsaken video update posted on YouTube on Saturday and a new Grave Forsaken podcast episode posted on Monday. Please check those out and subscribe so you never miss an update!

To order “Moment In Time” head to

To order Grave Forsaken Merch head to

Thanks again, and like I always say…

God Bless and Rock On!


April 11th 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Thanks for checking out the latest update. We are all very pleased with the reaction to “Moment In Time”. We’re getting our best ever streaming numbers, particularly on Spotify. Thanks to everyone who has been listening in! If you still need a physical copy be sure to head to Soundmass and grab yourself one!

We are really looking forward to rehearsal this week. We had to postpone for a week, but we’re ready to go this Friday. It will be great to get back into it. We have a rocking set list that covers our whole 20 year history!

We’re in the process of adding our albums to bandcamp, so please head over there and follow the band. It’ll be great to get the numbers increasing. While you’re at it, please consider subscribing to our podcast and YouTube channel. We’ve been regularly posting content this year, so there’s plenty to check out.

We’d love to get pictures of you guys in Grave Forsaken merch to share on our social media profiles. Send us a picture of yourself in a shirt, or holding your favourite Grave Forsaken CD! Our official merch supplier is Anchor Merchandising, head over the to grab yourself some gear!

Well that’s it for this update. Thanks for being part of the Grave Forsaken community and you’ll hear from us again soon!

April 4th 2024 - New album “Moment In Time” out now on Soundmass! 

4th April 2024

Thanks for checking out the latest update. We hope you had a great Easter this past weekend!

We’ve been so pleased with the initial response to “Moment In Time”. The early feedback has been great and the album is doing well on streaming services. You can still purchase a CD copy from Soundmass as well!

We have been posting regular video updates on YouTube. It would be great to see these hitting 50 views, so help us out and have a look at the latest one from Saturday just gone!

We also put out a regular podcast, please consider subscribing and being part of the dedicated group of supporters who really get around everything we do! Episode 38 was posted this Monday April 1st, check it out if you haven’t already!

Please also consider getting yourself some Grave Forsaken merch from Anchor Merchandising, they have a great range of products. We are encouraging you all to send a picture of yourself in Grave Forsaken gear, or holding up an album. We’d love to start sharing those photos on our social media. We are keen to generate a positive community around the band and our music.

It’s not long until we fire up rehearsals! Also, now the album is out we are able to focus more on a few archive projects that have been bubbling away. We’ve got more plans in store for our 20 year celebrations in 2024!

Thanks for checking in, and as we always close with…

God Bless and Rock On!

28th March 2024 

Vaughan here. Thanks for reading the latest update! We are only one day away from the release of “Moment In Time”. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered, we hope you really enjoy the album when it comes out. For those who haven't ordered, you can still get a copy from Soundmass at the link below.

When you've heard the album, we'd be really keen to get your feedback. Feel free to email or message us with your favourite songs and your impressions of the album, or alternatively post your thoughts on social media. If you've got a physical copy, we'd love for you to share a picture of yourself with the album for our social media pages. Or alternatively, if you want to send a picture of yourself wearing Grave Forsaken merch, please do. We'd love to start including you in our regular updates! We want to develop a community that everyone feels part of.

I can't wait to get back into rehearsal next month, we have time booked! I'm looking forward to sharing heaps of photos from the session over the coming weeks. Hopefully we can harvest some pure steel from the rust!

As has been the pattern lately, I posted a new video update on YouTube last Saturday. Give it a watch if you haven't already! And while you're there, please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

I also put out a new episode of the GraveForsaken Podcast on Monday, please have a listen on the link below, or access it through a number of podcast providers.

While you're enjoying “Moment In Time” check out our merch at Anchor Merchandising and maybe grab yourself something!

Well that's it for this update. Enjoy that “Moment In Time” when you hear the new album and don't forget to get in touch with your thoughts!


21st March 2024 - Just over a week until “Moment In Time”! 

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. As most of you would be aware, our new album “Moment In Time” is due out on Friday 29th March, that's only 8 days away. If you haven't already, we'd very much appreciate you putting in a pre-order at Soundmass, the link is below.

As well as the album on Soundmass, we have a range of “Moment In Time” merchandise products available at Anchor Merchandising. Grab yourself a shirt, a hoodie or a coffee cup! Whatever takes your fancy, it all supports Grave Forsaken and it all supports Anchor Merchandising.

Lately there's been a regular episode of the Grave Forsaken Podcast uploaded weekly. Check it out via the link below or search for “Grave Forsaken Podcast” via your favourite podcast provider. We'd love to have even more of you onboard and listening each week!

I'm sure most of you reading would have checked out the first track released from the album “Power Of Salvation” on YouTube, but if you haven't please access it via the link below! Also remember to check out the regular video updates on our YouTube channel. We are steadily building a loyal and consistent group of viewers who regularly stay up to date with the band! Make sure you're one of them!

We just can't wait to have the album out in just over a week. It will be so exciting to start getting feedback from all of you. We are also stepping back into rehearsal mode in early April, and we can't wait to start jamming again. It's been busy, busy, busy with all the promo efforts, but we believe in this album and we hope you'll love it too!

God Bless and Rock On!

14th March 2024 - “Moment In Time” is imminent! 

Hi all,
Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. It’s been another fun week promoting our upcoming Soundmass album “Moment In Time”. Thank you to everyone who has let me know they’ve pre-ordered. We hope you enjoy the album when it hits! If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late to head over to Soundmass and grab your copy.

We also have merch designs for “Moment In Time” available on Anchor Merchandising, so if that is your thing please consider grabbing yourself some! I ordered myself a “Moment In Time” shirt and a coffee mug a few days ago!

I’ve been putting out regular Grave Forsaken podcast episodes this year, please consider having a listen if you aren’t doing so already. I really enjoy doing the podcast. I sometimes go off on a tangent and find myself talking about some random aspect of our history!

I’ve been thrilled that “Power Of Salvation” is nearing 500 views on YouTube. I’ve had good feedback about the tune and I’m really happy with the lyric video that Juan made using Ward Silverman’s terrific artwork. If you haven’t seen it yet what are you waiting for! While you’re on our channel, check out a few of the regular video updates I’ve been uploading this year!

We are so excited as a band to be getting back into rehearsal mode in early April. We have a studio booked and we can’t wait to get jamming on our tunes again. I’m looking forward to sharing photos from the rehearsal with all of you! We are committed to sharpening our live chops as we enter the next phase of band life. Our Christian metal mission will never stop. We’re so glad all of you are along for the ride.

The current core focus is on promoting the new album. I’m reaching out to heaps of Christian radio stations and shows, so hopefully you’ll soon start hearing Grave Forsaken on those soon! The feedback received so far is all positive. As well as that, we are working on a few special projects for the 20th Anniversary that will be talked about more as the year goes on. We are striving to make 2024 a big one for the band, God willing. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

God Bless and Rock On!

Vaughan (on behalf of Grave Forsaken)

7th March 2024 - “Moment In Time” approaching fast 

Hi all,

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here, thanks for reading the latest update. I’ve been really enjoying the process of plugging the new album “Moment In Time” as much as possible before the March 29 release date. Having worked on it for so long, I’m very happy to be at this point where it’s nearly time for release. We’d really appreciate it if everyone reading this orders a physical copy, it’s the best way you can help support the band. The pre-order link is below!

We were thrilled to pass 200 subscribers on YouTube this week. Our lyric video for “Power Of Salvation” is heading toward 500 views, so if you haven’t subscribed and seen the video, please check it out!

As part of our plans to celebrate 20 years of Grave Forsaken we’ve arranged to start rehearsals in April. The focus in recent times has been on the album, so we’re excited about finally getting back into the rehearsal studio and jamming on some Grave Forsaken tunes. We’ll bring you photos and updates as we get back into it!

Well that’s it for this update, thanks again for your support of the band!

God Bless and Rock On!


29th February 2024 - Get ready for “Moment In Time”! 

Hi all

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. We’ve been delighted with the response to our new song “Power Of Salvation” from the upcoming album “Moment In Time”, due out March 29th on Soundmass. The lyric video is getting a good number of views. If you haven’t seen it yet please check it out by following the link below.

The pre-order is available now from Soundmass. Please consider purchasing a CD copy. Every copy counts, and if each of you were to purchase a copy it would go a long way towards covering manufacturing costs. It goes without saying that the more copies we sell, the more projects we can do in the future. Right now my brain is overloaded with music ideas that I’d love to share with you all! The pre-order link is below.

The other way you can support the band is to subscribe to our podcast and YouTube, as well as liking all our social media posts. I’m sure you all know the more engagement a post has, the more it seems to get viewed. We’ve had a real uptick in engagement this year and we’d love that to keep growing and growing, We’ve been uploading regular content this year and it’s free, so you’ll always get your money’s worth! Also, if you listen to Christian metal radio, please consider taking the time to request Grave Forsaken music. We are really keen to draw programmers attention to our band, and you can help!

Thanks again, and you’ll hear from us soon!

God Bless and Rock On!


27th February 2024 - New album “Moment In Time” available for pre-order from Soundmass! 

Hello Grave Forsaken Supporters!

I am thrilled to announce that our new 2024 album “Moment In Time” is now available for pre-order from Soundmass. Follow the link below to get to the pre-order page! We are so happy to be working once again with Soundmass for this release. The album is set to drop on March 29th. Be amongst the first to secure your copy!

The cover artwork was painted by Ward Silverman and the layout was designed once again by Scott Waters. These two extremely talented individuals have helped us put together a terrific looking album!

Get a taste of the new album by by checking out the lyric video for “Power Of Salvation” on YouTube. This super cool video was put together by the one and only Juan Carlos Arce. Juan previously made our “Temple Of Crucifixion” video. Give it a like and comment! The link is below…

Soundmass has this to say about the album

They’re back! From the searing leads, gang vocals and hooks galore of opener “Back To The Start”, to the prayerful “Arise O God”, through to the “Power Of Salvation” onslaught and relentlessness of “Strong Conviction”, you’ll soon forget that it has been 4 years since the last Grave Forsaken album. They continue to mix classic metal with thrash metal stylings – this is thumping heavy metal, solid as a brick, diverse but cohesive. The band have truly taken up the baton of Christian metal in Australia from those who came before them. It’s a “Moment In Time” to celebrate 20 years of Grave Forsaken!

Thanks for all your support and enjoy the build up to “Moment In Time”…

God Bless and Rock On!
Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

22nd February 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Hi all,
Vaughan here, thanks for checking out the latest update. We’ve had another good week of content and interaction. I posted a new video update on YouTube Saturday and I posted a new episode of the podcast on Monday. The links are below, and please consider subscribing to both if you haven’t already, it’d be great to push past 200 YouTube subscribers in particular!

I’ve been working on a remix of “Plugged Into The System” and I’m hopeful of releasing that in some form this year. I’ve also been going through live audio from the last decade or so to see if there’s some diamonds in the rough. I am feeling extremely motivated right now, it’s an exciting time!

Thanks again everyone and stayed tuned for lots of cool stuff as we celebrate 20 years of Grave Forsaken!

God Bless and Rock On!

Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

15th February 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Hi everyone,

Vaughan here, thanks for once again reading the latest update. I had a busy week catching up with every recent member of Grave Forsaken! Luke is over from Nashville, so I caught up with him on Tuesday and Sunday. I had dinner with Tim last Friday night, then I paid Elias a visit on Monday during the day. To top it all off, I went to Blind Guardian with Matt on Monday night! It has been a long time since I hung out with all those guys within such a short space of time. We discussed plans for both the present and the future. It was great to touch base with everyone and get their opinions about where the band is at.

As usual I've been busy behind the scenes making some new content. Last Saturday I posted a video update on YouTube, if you haven't already please check it out at 

Also, earlier this week I posted Episode 31 of the Grave Forsaken Podcast. You can check it out at or on most major podcast platforms. Please subscribe to our Mailing List, YouTube Channel and Podcast as well, that way you'll never miss an update.

As well as all that, work has continued behind the scenes on a number of projects that we will announce as they are ready over the course of the year. Like I've been hinting, we've got good things planned for 2024, our 20th anniversary year!

God Bless and Rock On!

Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

8th February 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Hi all,

Vaughan here, thanks for reading this update. There is currently a lot going on in the Grave Forsaken camp as we get the ball rolling on the next round of activities. In particular, there has been substantial progress towards releasing new music in 2024. Those following closely will know I’ve been hinting at this for a little while now. The wheels are definitely in motion, so stay tuned for announcements!

I have been active in posting content across multiple platforms over the last few weeks. I would encourage you all to subscribe to the Grave Forsaken Podcast and give it a listen if you haven’t been doing so already. Effort is being put into posting regular episodes! The same goes for updates on the Grave Forsaken YouTube channel, I’ve posted a couple in recent weeks, with plans for it to be a regular thing. Please subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss an update! Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X if you are so inclined.

Along with prepping new music, I’ve been working on doing a remix of our 2013 release “Plugged Into The System”. I’ve learned a lot in the process of preparing the next album, and I’m going back and applying that to the songs on that release. If the remix is satisfactory, we may well upload it to streaming services, and if the demand were there, perhaps even do a limited physical run. Let me know if that is something that would interest you. It’s a labour of love, so there’s no timeframe, but I am enjoying revisiting those tracks.

I was thrilled to catch up with our lead guitarist Luke this week. He now lives in Nashville, but he is here in Perth for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends. I filled him in on the status of all our projects, along with a general life check in. I’m so happy for Luke pursuing his career in Nashville, but I sure do miss hanging out with him face to face!

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and keep a lookout for the next one soon!

God Bless and Rock On!
Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

1st February 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Vaughan here, thanks for reading the update, we appreciate your support. It’s been another good week for the band, I’ve been enjoying the continued interactions on social media. I’ve been seeing increased Spotify numbers lately, so thanks to all of you who have been listening to us!

A new video update was posted on YouTube on Saturday, check it out on the Grave Forsaken YouTube Channel. I also posted a new Grave Forsaken Podcast episode on Monday, so check that out if podcasts are your thing.

We’re gearing up for some band get togethers this year. In preparation I’ve been practising a variety of songs, old and new. I can’t wait to spend more time with the guys! 

Of course, there are always things going on behind the scenes to bring you new music. I’m so excited about the next batch of songs! It’ll be worth the wait.

So listen to a Grave Forsaken song or album, check out the latest video update and podcast, and maybe even buy some music or merch from Soundmass or Anchor.

Until next time…

God Bless and Rock On!

25th January 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update 

Vaughan here, thanks for reading the latest update. I recently returned from a family holiday in Albany, a city in the southern part of Western Australia. It was a great time, we had a chance to unwind and spent a few days away from it all.

I’ve also been busy bringing regular social media updates. It’s actually quite astounding how blessed we’ve been. Our music and merch are available in a good number of locations and we’re fortunate to have a dedicated group of people of supporting us. I have high hopes for the future of the band and I’m really excited about all the possible projects we could sink our teeth into in the coming years.

Please continue to follow us on social media and like the posts, I have been finding it helps a great deal. Also consider buying a Grave Forsaken CD or shirt. It goes without saying the more of those items we can sell, the more attractive our band is to the people who sell them, which means more potential music and merch releases. Christian Band Shirts and Anchor Merchandising are our official merch suppliers, while Soundmass is our official music supplier. Supporting us also supports those great companies!

Also be sure to subscribe to our official podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. I recently recorded two episodes from my holiday. I really do love podcasts, and I thoroughly enjoy bringing you ours. On a side note I’ve been listening to Area 312 podcast lately, I thoroughly recommend it!

That’s all for this update, thanks for your time and support.

God Bless and Rock On!
Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

18th January 2024 - Latest from the band 

G'day everyone,

Vaughan here, coming to you from Albany in Western Australia. I'm on a family holiday but I'm still committed to bringing you regular updates. It's very relaxing down here, good to get away from it all for a few days. 

There's been plenty going on behind the scenes and I look forward to exciting things happening in 2024. I know that's not giving much away but I don't want to say too much before everything is lined up. Suffice to say there is news coming in the not too distant future.

It's been great to have the continued interactions on social media. Thanks to everyone who has liked a post or sent us a message, we've been getting good engagement levels recently and I've had a lot of fun putting out content and seeing the reactions. It's heartening to know there are lots of you who love and support our little band!

I recorded episode 21 of the Grave Forsaken Podcast down here in Albany, that has been uploaded to all major platforms. Please subscribe to the podcast and check it out!

Until next time…

God Bless and Rock On!

11th January 2024 - Latest from the band 

G'day everyone,

Vaughan here, I hope you're all doing well. It's been a great couple of weeks for the band. A lot is going on behind the scenes and I look forward to announcing some cool things as they come up over the next few months. I've been busy on social media and that has been resulting in a lot of communication with a wide variety of people. I think we've gained some new supporters! Our Spotify streams have been steadily increasing, a great sign that more people are coming on board.

I recently posted episode 20 of the Grave Forsaken Podcast, so have a listen to that for my latest musings. It's available on all major platforms.

Also, we recently got some airplay on Radio13.FM. A huge thank you to them! That was something new and unexpected. Hopefully there will be a lot more of that sort of thing to come!

I'll keep it brief, so until next time…

God Bless and Rock On!

Podcast link

4th January 2024 - Happy new year! 

G'day everyone, Vaughan here. I hope the new year is treating you well so far! We are looking forward to a much more active and productive 2024. I recently recorded a new podcast episode that gives an update on the current state of the band. It's available on all major platforms but I've I've included a link to the web page below. If you haven't already, please sign up to our mailing list and keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and X for postings. 

20th October 2020 - Updated links 

Vaughan here. I've just updated the links on the podcast page and the video updates page. I've also put the "Temple of Crucifixion" lyric video on the main page. I'm in the process of uploading a new video update on YouTube and Facebook, that will be available soon.

19th August 2020 - New album "The Footsteps of God" pre-order available now 

Our new album "The Footsteps of God" will be released through Soundmass and is available for pre-order now! We are very happy to be releasing the new album with Soundmass, continuing our long term association with the label. The artwork and layout has been done by Scott Waters from NoLifeTilMetal. It's always a pleasure working with Scott. Check out the pre-order page at to order your copy. There is also a full length version of album track "Warriors of the Cross" on YouTube. Check that out by clicking the link below 

Warriors of the Cross

As well as all that, there is a new video update that's just been posted on YouTube. You can check that out here on the official site under 'Video Updates". As always thanks for checking in, we really appreciate your support!

God Bless and Rock On!


The best review you can give us is to share Grave Forsaken music and news with others

Latest video and podcast featuring Luke and Vaughan 

Hi everyone, Vaughan here. Just letting you know a new video and podcast has been posted, both featuring Luke and myself. The video can be viewed on our Facebook page or YouTube, plus I have the YouTube clip embedded on the official site. I've also included the link in this post. The podcast can be downloaded from most (if not all) major podcast apps. I also have a link to the podcast on the official site and at the bottom of this post. I've been enjoying recording the video updates and podcasts, it's been a fun way to communicate with everybody. Check them out if you're interested in hearing direct from the band!

We will have news on the new album in the very near future, we can't wait to have it released. It's been a long time coming and we're looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

Here's those links

Grave Forsaken Update 30th July 2020

Grave Forsaken Podcast 30th July 2020

Until next time, God Bless and Rock On!

Vaughan and Grave Forsaken

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