23rd May 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update

Hi all, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. Thanks for checking out this latest update!

Thanks for your continued contribution to the Twenty Years compilation track-list, we’ll continue to add your suggestions, so keep them coming in via email or private message.

I got myself a newer, faster laptop today, so that will make a huge difference with band related projects. I was finding my old laptop was getting so slow that it had become a demotivating factor in getting work done. I’m looking forward to transferring across to the new one and progressing the current batch of projects. Ultimately I want to tick them off then get working on the next studio album!

Please subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel if you haven’t already. We continue to post regular updates so make sure you keep up to date with everything Grave Forsaken. A video update was posted  last Saturday and a podcast episode was posted last Monday.

Thanks again for your support of the band via Soundmass and Anchor Merchandising. Please consider grabbing a “Moment In Time” CD or shirt if you haven’t already. Every sale helps!

Thanks again everyone. Look out for new updates on both YouTube and via podcast in the coming days and you’ll hear from us again soon.

God Bless and Rock On!