7th March 2024 - “Moment In Time” approaching fast

Hi all,

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here, thanks for reading the latest update. I’ve been really enjoying the process of plugging the new album “Moment In Time” as much as possible before the March 29 release date. Having worked on it for so long, I’m very happy to be at this point where it’s nearly time for release. We’d really appreciate it if everyone reading this orders a physical copy, it’s the best way you can help support the band. The pre-order link is below!


We were thrilled to pass 200 subscribers on YouTube this week. Our lyric video for “Power Of Salvation” is heading toward 500 views, so if you haven’t subscribed and seen the video, please check it out!


As part of our plans to celebrate 20 years of Grave Forsaken we’ve arranged to start rehearsals in April. The focus in recent times has been on the album, so we’re excited about finally getting back into the rehearsal studio and jamming on some Grave Forsaken tunes. We’ll bring you photos and updates as we get back into it!

Well that’s it for this update, thanks again for your support of the band!

God Bless and Rock On!