29th February 2024 - Get ready for “Moment In Time”!

Hi all

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. We’ve been delighted with the response to our new song “Power Of Salvation” from the upcoming album “Moment In Time”, due out March 29th on Soundmass. The lyric video is getting a good number of views. If you haven’t seen it yet please check it out by following the link below.


The pre-order is available now from Soundmass. Please consider purchasing a CD copy. Every copy counts, and if each of you were to purchase a copy it would go a long way towards covering manufacturing costs. It goes without saying that the more copies we sell, the more projects we can do in the future. Right now my brain is overloaded with music ideas that I’d love to share with you all! The pre-order link is below.


The other way you can support the band is to subscribe to our podcast and YouTube, as well as liking all our social media posts. I’m sure you all know the more engagement a post has, the more it seems to get viewed. We’ve had a real uptick in engagement this year and we’d love that to keep growing and growing, We’ve been uploading regular content this year and it’s free, so you’ll always get your money’s worth! Also, if you listen to Christian metal radio, please consider taking the time to request Grave Forsaken music. We are really keen to draw programmers attention to our band, and you can help!

Thanks again, and you’ll hear from us soon!

God Bless and Rock On!