April 4th 2024 - New album “Moment In Time” out now on Soundmass!

4th April 2024

Thanks for checking out the latest update. We hope you had a great Easter this past weekend!

We’ve been so pleased with the initial response to “Moment In Time”. The early feedback has been great and the album is doing well on streaming services. You can still purchase a CD copy from Soundmass as well!


We have been posting regular video updates on YouTube. It would be great to see these hitting 50 views, so help us out and have a look at the latest one from Saturday just gone!


We also put out a regular podcast, please consider subscribing and being part of the dedicated group of supporters who really get around everything we do! Episode 38 was posted this Monday April 1st, check it out if you haven’t already!


Please also consider getting yourself some Grave Forsaken merch from Anchor Merchandising, they have a great range of products. We are encouraging you all to send a picture of yourself in Grave Forsaken gear, or holding up an album. We’d love to start sharing those photos on our social media. We are keen to generate a positive community around the band and our music.


It’s not long until we fire up rehearsals! Also, now the album is out we are able to focus more on a few archive projects that have been bubbling away. We’ve got more plans in store for our 20 year celebrations in 2024!

Thanks for checking in, and as we always close with…

God Bless and Rock On!