28th March 2024

Vaughan here. Thanks for reading the latest update! We are only one day away from the release of “Moment In Time”. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered, we hope you really enjoy the album when it comes out. For those who haven't ordered, you can still get a copy from Soundmass at the link below.


When you've heard the album, we'd be really keen to get your feedback. Feel free to email or message us with your favourite songs and your impressions of the album, or alternatively post your thoughts on social media. If you've got a physical copy, we'd love for you to share a picture of yourself with the album for our social media pages. Or alternatively, if you want to send a picture of yourself wearing Grave Forsaken merch, please do. We'd love to start including you in our regular updates! We want to develop a community that everyone feels part of.

I can't wait to get back into rehearsal next month, we have time booked! I'm looking forward to sharing heaps of photos from the session over the coming weeks. Hopefully we can harvest some pure steel from the rust!

As has been the pattern lately, I posted a new video update on YouTube last Saturday. Give it a watch if you haven't already! And while you're there, please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel.


I also put out a new episode of the GraveForsaken Podcast on Monday, please have a listen on the link below, or access it through a number of podcast providers.


While you're enjoying “Moment In Time” check out our merch at Anchor Merchandising and maybe grab yourself something!


Well that's it for this update. Enjoy that “Moment In Time” when you hear the new album and don't forget to get in touch with your thoughts!