16th May 2024 Grave Forsaken Update

Hi all, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. Thanks for checking out this update! Also thanks for your continued support of the band. You are a blessing to us and we hope we are a blessing to you.

We’ve had quite a few song suggestions for our 20th anniversary compilation come through. Please send us a list of your favourite Grave Forsaken songs and we’ll add them in. We want this compilation track list to be entirely decided by you!

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and podcast if you haven’t already. Regular updates have been posted weekly for some months now, so there’s always something fresh to watch or listen to! Be a part of the Grave Forsaken Christian metal community and join in!

Thanks to all who have grabbed a CD from Soundmass or some merch from Anchor Merchandising, we really appreciate it. There’s plenty available on both sites so be sure to check them out and add to your Grave Forsaken collection.

We’ll keep this update short and sharp, so until next time…

God Bless and Rock On!