21st March 2024 - Just over a week until “Moment In Time”!

Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. As most of you would be aware, our new album “Moment In Time” is due out on Friday 29th March, that's only 8 days away. If you haven't already, we'd very much appreciate you putting in a pre-order at Soundmass, the link is below.


As well as the album on Soundmass, we have a range of “Moment In Time” merchandise products available at Anchor Merchandising. Grab yourself a shirt, a hoodie or a coffee cup! Whatever takes your fancy, it all supports Grave Forsaken and it all supports Anchor Merchandising.


Lately there's been a regular episode of the Grave Forsaken Podcast uploaded weekly. Check it out via the link below or search for “Grave Forsaken Podcast” via your favourite podcast provider. We'd love to have even more of you onboard and listening each week!


I'm sure most of you reading would have checked out the first track released from the album “Power Of Salvation” on YouTube, but if you haven't please access it via the link below! Also remember to check out the regular video updates on our YouTube channel. We are steadily building a loyal and consistent group of viewers who regularly stay up to date with the band! Make sure you're one of them!


We just can't wait to have the album out in just over a week. It will be so exciting to start getting feedback from all of you. We are also stepping back into rehearsal mode in early April, and we can't wait to start jamming again. It's been busy, busy, busy with all the promo efforts, but we believe in this album and we hope you'll love it too!

God Bless and Rock On!