April 11th 2024 - Grave Forsaken Update

Thanks for checking out the latest update. We are all very pleased with the reaction to “Moment In Time”. We’re getting our best ever streaming numbers, particularly on Spotify. Thanks to everyone who has been listening in! If you still need a physical copy be sure to head to Soundmass and grab yourself one!


We are really looking forward to rehearsal this week. We had to postpone for a week, but we’re ready to go this Friday. It will be great to get back into it. We have a rocking set list that covers our whole 20 year history!

We’re in the process of adding our albums to bandcamp, so please head over there and follow the band. It’ll be great to get the numbers increasing. While you’re at it, please consider subscribing to our podcast and YouTube channel. We’ve been regularly posting content this year, so there’s plenty to check out.

We’d love to get pictures of you guys in Grave Forsaken merch to share on our social media profiles. Send us a picture of yourself in a shirt, or holding your favourite Grave Forsaken CD! Our official merch supplier is Anchor Merchandising, head over the to grab yourself some gear!


Well that’s it for this update. Thanks for being part of the Grave Forsaken community and you’ll hear from us again soon!