Track editing

As many of you will know, the booklet for our next album is currently being worked on and we are preparing that for release. In the meantime I have been working on tracks for a solo project at my home studio. Everyone in the band is very busy with other commitments so a solo project allows me to keep plugging away on music until we decide on the direction of the next Grave Forsaken album. Having said that, some of the guys in Grave Forsaken are contributing to my solo project. I'm currently working on editing tracks for the song "One True Way". I have no real timeline for this project, but I don't want to spend too long on it. I want it to be fairly spontaneous. I'm certainly not going to endlessly re record parts. Once I've got a good take I will go with it. Now that all the tracks are demoed I can now start recording the actual parts. It will be straight ahead rock and metal with a very positive attitude towards the gospel and life in general. It's definitely not as political as the last few Grave Forsaken albums. Even the Gregory Salmela Project album from last year was quite political in places. I like writing music with a political view, but for whatever reason that isn't the case on the 10 songs I have demoed for my solo album. I have more info as the recording continues.

God Bless and Rock On!