Sorry for the slight update delay

Hi all, this update is slightly delayed. I ran in the Perth Marathon yesterday and I'm pleased to say I got a personal best time of 3:25:51. I've been trying for a long time to break the 3:30 mark and I'm thrilled to have finally done it! I learned a lot of lessons running that marathon. I put in a huge block of training with the specific goal of breaking 3:30. Despite this, it was incredibly difficult to put it together on the day and achieve the result. It showed me that hard work is a great foundation for success and you need to apply that hard work in crunch moments. At one point I felt I wasn't going to get there in under 3:30 but my faith got me through. I knew this was the chance I'd been given to achieve this goal and I had to take it. It might not come again easily. With that in mind, I really grit my teeth, called on the months of training and pushed through some tough kilometres towards the end. With about 2 kilometres left I had made up enough time and I knew I would get there within my time goal. It was an amazing feeling and I really enjoyed the last 10 minutes of running. The goal was achieved and I just needed to finish.

On the new Grave Forsaken album there is a song called "Run For Your Life" and it's about my running hobby. There's a line in the song about the marathon where I sing "Despite the training it is hard, the last 5K's feel like torture, legs are begging you to stop, nothing will keep you from that line". I found myself singing that song in my head during the tough parts of the race and it really helped. But it's not just about running, those lines are about life in general. Through faith in God we can keep pushing through tough times that feel like torture. Nothing can keep us from that line if we truly believe, whatever the challenge.

God Bless and Rock On!