Solo project going well

I've got a bit of lighter week at work so I'm taking the chance to get some more done on my solo project. I'm very close to getting Elias and Matt to come and contribute some parts to the album. Right now, I've been doing some work on a song called "No One Way Is No Way". This song has an interesting history. The lyrics were written years ago by Tim when he was drumming in Grave Forsaken. Elias has contributed the music for a couple of tracks on my project, so I put these old lyrics Tim wrote over the top of song Elias wrote (with their permission of course). The result is a song that sounds a bit like the early Grave Forsaken material. In fact, the way the project is coming together reminds me very much of the way we worked in the early days of the band. I'm enjoying the process.

A new Grave Forsaken song called "The Mission" is streaming on our website now as well. The track is from our latest album "It Has Begun". 

God Bless and Rock On!