"Run For Your Life" song meaning

Hi all, thanks again for your messages, likes and comments this week after the physical release of our new album "it Has Begun". Now the album is available I thought I would explain the song meanings.

"Run For Your Life" is the first track on the album. Back in 2012 I took up running as a hobby, initially just to get fit. It wasn't long before the hobby grabbed me and I found myself running more and more. In 2013 I signed up for my first marathon and since then I have completed 10 marathons. I wrote the lyrics to this song about training and then running a marathon. While this isn't something everyone does, these lyrics are very real to me. Training properly for a marathon involves a lot of early morning runs in the cold and dark, with no one cheering on the sidelines! Anyone who has experienced the marathon will tell you that it is all worth it. When Luke wrote the music for this song it reminded me of running so I decided that's what it would be about! My good friend and Grave Forsaken supporter Jon is also a runner and I'm sure he will appreciate the realities of this song!

God Bless and Rock On!