Quiet news day

Hi all, hope you're going well today. I have to confess today has been a relatively quiet day on the band front. I did have a chat with Luke about the album booklet but apart from that I've had other things to attend to.

Some of you know I enjoy long distance running and I have the Perth Marathon in 9 days time. I'm pretty excited about the race, but I'm going through this thing known as "taper madness". It's basically a paranoid feeling you get when you are resting up to get ready for a big event. The resting phase is called a taper but it can make you feel like you're losing fitness and putting on weight. It's all in the mind, but it does make you edgy. Also, you get paranoid you're going to injure yourself at any moment, so you find yourself walking more carefully to avoid any last minute mishaps. A lot of effort goes into marathon training, so you don't want anything to go right at the final step. I'm sure I will be OK but I'll glad when the starting gun goes off.

God Bless and Rock On!