Plenty going on today

Today I'm not at work so I'm getting a chance to do some band work. I'm getting some of our older material on CDBaby, particularly the 2005 EP. I'm also looking to get the two "Light The Hall" live albums on there as well. It's got me thinking that we are way overdue for "Light The Hall III". When we have the live side of things up and running again, I'm going to look into making that happen. I'm also continuing to work on the website. I'm going to eventually have a page for each album that will have all the album info and credits listed. In this day and age of streaming and downloads, often those sort of details get overlooked. The ultimate aim is to make the website a hub of all things Grave Forsaken. A lot of bands spend more energy on social media and sometimes the actual band website gets neglected. I have certainly been guilty of that over the last few years!

God Bless and Rock On!