Organising all of our lyrics

Today I've been organising lyrics for the albums that aren't yet on the website. I have all of them in various word documents but putting them altogether and getting them online is taking some time. Eventually every album will have a dedicated lyrics page with youtube clips of each song. In an ideal world, every song would have it's own page as well but that is probably a job for further down the track.

I've really been enjoying going through the catalogue and posting song clips. It's giving me the chance to the listen to our material again and that's been cool. There are songs that for whatever reason I didn't rate highly which I'm now hearing through fresh ears. One in particular that grabbed me recently was "Tribulation Cometh". At the time I didn't like the mix but hearing it fresh the other day made me realise it was pretty well executed. I've had that happen for a number of songs.

God Bless and Rock On!