More website maintenance

Although I haven't published it all yet, I've been steadily adding lyrics and youtube clips to the website. It's all part of my plan to completely update the website so it becomes the hub of Grave Forsaken that it should be. I've now well and truly got into the habit of posting most days and eventually I plan to integrate that with the mail list so these updates will be delivered directly to mailing list members.

I will also be using my upcoming solo album as a means to communicate very openly via the website. I'll be offering regular insight into the recording process through web updates and Grave Forsaken TV episodes. It means there will often be interesting new updates, so it will always be worth checking the site to see what is new. I've now demoed the entire solo album and it comes across as a very upbeat collection of songs. I think you'll enjoy what I'm recording and I have Grave Forsaken members contributing as well. It truly is an exciting time.

God Bless and Rock On!