More solo album developments

Things are moving nicely with regards to my solo project. Luke has offered to contribute to it as well, which I'm really happy about. The main reason I'm doing this project is to do something fun and low key from home. I might ask a few other friends to contribute to it as well, but we'll just see how it goes putting the tunes together first.

Things are still progressing behind the scenes with the latest Grave Forsaken album. Even today a few more details have come together. It's slowly but surely getting there. I am very aware I say that all the time and I promise it is the truth. Emails are being sent, files are being shared and work is happening. The album is fully mixed and mastered. I find the hardest part of making an album is putting it all together ready to release. There are so many little jobs that need doing and they all add up.

God Bless and Rock On!