"It Has Begun" featured on "The Aussie Hour"

Hi all,
For my update today I'm sharing the latest post from "The Aussie Hour". I am stoked that our new album will be the feature album! Here's the update...

It's that time of year yet again, when times are a-changin' around for some of us... Tasmania went onto daylight savings last night, so for those of you who didn't also go onto daylight savings, Aussie Hour will air an hour earlier for you from today. 
AH can now be heard LIVE at www.reanimatedradio.com on Sundays, from 9pm - 1am Australian Eastern Summer Time, now 8pm - Midnight for Queenslanders, and 6am - 10am Eastern USA. 

Tonight on the show, we will start working our way through a new "Feature Album", this month featuring the brand new Grave Forsaken album "It Has Begun...".

God Bless and Rock On!