Enjoyable time working on some tracks

I've been fortunate to spend some time working on tracks for my solo project. Because I'm doing it a little but at a time it taking quite a while to put it together. Still, I'm finding the moments I do get to work on the project are very enjoyable. This morning I've been focusing on "Win The Day" and "The Ruskin Arms". Both songs are upbeat and rocking. Some of the songs really remind me of the first few Grave Forsaken albums, and I'm even considering recording the bass and guitars two steps down like we did on the early albums. I don't know yet. I demoed them all one step down but another step down might suit the material. We'll see.

Also, thanks for the continued feedback on the new album "It Has Begun". People are starting to receive their copies now and I'm receiving emails and comments, all very positive I'm pleased to say. Get your copy from Soundmass.com!

God Bless and Rock On!