Grave Forsaken lineup news

Hi everyone, Vaughan here with some important Grave Forsaken news. After 7 years, Luke Gallagher is leaving the band. Luke joined the band in 2011 as our live drummer and did a great job over a number of years. As well as live drumming, Luke played lead and rhythm guitar on our last two studio albums. Luke has made an enormous contribution to the band, writing a large proportion of the music during his time in the band. Luke is leaving due to his commitment to other music projects. I can’t thank Luke enough for his years with the band. It has been a true blessing, and the music we recorded with him is testament to that. 

During Luke’s time with the band, we enlisted his brother Joshua to produce and play drums on the last two albums. Joshua has recently moved to Canada to further pursue his music career, meaning he will also no longer be involved with band. Joshua was the driving force behind our last two albums and we simply couldn’t have done those albums without his influence and attention to detail. We will really miss working with him. I worked closely with Joshua on those albums and I really enjoyed the recording process. 

The two albums we recorded with Luke and Joshua were “The Fight Goes On” and “It Has Begun”. Both albums were well-received by our supporters and we were very happy with how they came out. The band will have to readjust now that Luke and Joshua aren’t involved, they made an enormous contribution. Thanks so much fellas!