3 CD Bundle deal (without jewel cases)

G'day everyone, Vaughan here. We've just put a special on our website for a 3 CD Bundle for $10 (that price includes shipping). You can choose any 3 discs from the following selection 

Beside The River Of Blood

Horror And Sadness

Destined For Ascension

Fight To The Death

Reap What You Sow

Plugged Into The System

The Fight Goes On

Fundamental Principles (Gregory Salmela Project)

In order to make the bundle deal possible, we will be shipping them without jewel cases. This deal is a great opportunity for you to pick up physical copies of some releases you may not yet own. When you place your order, simply email your selection to graveforsaken@graveforsaken.com at the same time. Here's the link to our store if you're interested.


Have a great weekend!

God Bless and Rock On!