28th April 2017 - "Harder To Hate"

"Harder To Hate" was a song I wrote sometime during 2005. I was walking one day and this phrase "Harder To Hate" came into my head. I was thinking about my younger days. In those days I used to be a much harsher critic. Whether it was someone's religious views, a band or even a footy team, I found it easy to get annoyed and frustrated. The further I got in my Christian walk, the understanding I became. I found that a lot of the things that once made me angry didn't bother me anymore. I thought it was a cool sounding phrase so I wrote a song around it. Musically I just wanted something heavy sounding with a good rhythm. I thought the song had some cool parts and we played it live for a long time in the old days. It's still one of my favourite songs.

God Bless and Rock On!