27th April 2017 - "Tribulation Cometh"

Tonight, I'm going to discuss the 8th track on our debut album. This one was called "Tribulation Cometh". The music was written by Elias and the words were written by Tim. It is basically about standing strong in times of trial and tribulation. It's also referring directly to the tribulation as outlined in the book of Revelation. It's about encouraging Christians to stay strong and stay faithful as they find themselves facing persecution. I think it is easy to see how unpopular some Christian views have become. There is an entire movement to discredit anything that Christians say or represent and it has blurred the boundaries for many believers. And that is the goal, for us to lose confidence in what we believe and the reasons we believe it. But as Christians we need to stay strong and stay true to the word. I encourage you all to stick to your faith and stay strong against the opposition.

I always thought this one of the heavier tracks on the first album. It's another one we used to play live but it has fallen out of the set over the years. Elias did a really good job musically and it has quite an apocalyptic vibe. Definitely a cool track. It was actually meant to be the album closer, but plans changed very late. I'll talk about that more in another post.

God Bless and Rock On!