24th April 2017 "Buried Alive"

Next up in my song discussion is "Buried Alive" from "Beside The River Of Blood". The music was written by Elias and the lyrics were written by Tim. Tim used to contribute a lot of lyrics in the early days. The riffs had a Megadeth vibe to them, but not as technical. The song is about getting caught up in your own lies and deception. When that happens, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the storyline. You ending getting buried in your own deception. The character in the song has spent his life giving a false impression of himself. He constantly tweaks his life narrative to give everyone the idea he is going OK, but really he is dying inside. The song shares the truth that the Christian life can save you from this deception and allow you to be honest with yourself and those around you. And that's so important - what people see of us should be our real self. It's important that we stop deceiving ourselves and others, instead living a life our honesty and virtue.

God Bless and Rock On!