20th April 2017 - About "Play It Loud"

Continuing with my discussions on each of our songs, next up is "Play It Loud". This was the 2nd track on our debut album. The first track was "The Calling" but I've already discussed that due to it being on our EP. "Play It Loud" was written by Tim and myself. The song addresses a number of issues that get in the way of presenting the gospel. It is basically about forgetting the noise of the world and boldly proclaiming the gospel. I can't over emphasise how committed we were to Jesus metal. At that point in time the band was firing on all cylinders and we felt so much movement from the Holy Spirit. We weren't the most technical band but we had passion in spades. It was a special time and we've tried hard to keep that mission going strong all these years later. I wrote the music basically to be heavy sounding with a few changes to keep things interesting. The end result was a pretty unique and intense song. We used to play this live but over the years it slipped out of the live set.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow

God Bless and Rock On!