18th April 2017 - "Death On The Cross" discussion

Hi all, today I'm going to discuss "Death On The Cross". This was the fourth track on our debut EP. It had been written by me and my friend Ben Travia when we in Katara together. Originally it was called "Crux Of My Dreams" and it was about a time traveller who travels back to Calvary to witness the crucifixion. Ben and I wrote the music in my lounge room one afternoon. I wasn't very good at guitar at the time so it was mostly his ideas. We played the song a few times live towards the end of Katara. When Elias and Tim joined and we became Grave Forsaken, this was one of the Katara songs we carried over. I always thought my time travel story was a little cheesy so I updated the lyrics. I took away the time travel aspect and made it purely about the Jesus and the crucifixion. We started rehearsing it and it was one of the original Grave Forsaken tunes. We have played it regularly over the years and it is one of our favourites.

Hope you're all having a great today, and you'll hear from me again tomorrow.

God Bless and Rock On!