16th April 2017 - "Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part I"

Happy Easter everybody! May you and your family be blessed on this resurrection day. I hope it's a great time of reflection and celebration for you all. I'm going to continue the song discussion by having a discussion about "Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part I". This is one of the most important songs we ever put together. It really helped us to define the band in the early stages and gave us a lot of confidence. We all liked the atmosphere of the song and were happy we came up with it. The music was written by Elias with help from Tim. Elias was heavily into stuff like Paramaecium and Candlemass so the doom metal influence came from there. He was really pushing himself with writing interesting parts in those early days and this was no exception. Because we were developing musicians parts of the song were quite challenging. I remember the doom style chords were very hard on my fingers and it took a while to get used to playing them.

God Bless and Rock On!