13th May 2016 - Latest from the camp

Hi everyone, Vaughan here with an update on band activities. We've been really pleased with the reaction to "The Fight Goes On". The reviews we've received have been positive and it has been good to see them popping up on a number of secular blogs and webzines. Thanks to everyone who has supported the band by buying a download or physical copy. If you haven't picked up a copy head over to Soundmass for a physical copy or iTunes for a download!

You'll be pleased to know that we are hard at work on the next album. We are working with the Gallagher brothers (not the ones from Oasis), with Luke playing guitar and Josh playing drums. We are recording at the same studio where we recorded "The Fight Goes On" and the material so far has a similar feel. The release will still be a while off but the album is coming along nicely! It's been such a fun process working with the Gallagher brothers on the last two albums, the vibe is very relaxed and everyone gets along really well.

You many have noticed I have taken the online store down for the time being. I've been spending a bit of time working out my inventory and reorganising the site. It will be back online soon with all of our downloads and physical CDs available.

It's been a fair while since we last played a gig but we are keen to get back out there. We have had a strong recording focus over the last couple of years but we are putting some plans in place that will allow to get the live side of things happening again. Stay tuned for more.

That's about all for now, but remember....

God Bless and Rock On!
Grave Forsaken

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