13th April 2017 - More on "The Calling"

Hi again, I'll continue my discussion on "The Calling" from yesterday. The song lyrics came about when I was feeling pretty downhearted one day. Katara wasn't going so well at the time and things had become complicated. The lyrics were really just me trying to state my vision for the band in simple terms. We were going through a patch where different members had different views over musical direction. It was very hard to get everybody in one place at one time and it felt like the band was falling apart. I just wanted to write a simple, straight to the point. I was listening to a lot of Motorhead, so I tried to write something straightforward like Lemmy would. That's where the whole "When you've got a call you just can't ditch" line came from. The sort of thing Lemmy might write if he suddenly had a road to Damascus moment! IT was really just me telling myself to stop feeling sorry for myself and to get on with it! 

God Bless and Rock On! 

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