12th April 2017 - "The Calling" song discussion

At the moment I'm focusing heavily on getting the album prepared for release. While I'm doing that I thought I'd go through our songs and discuss the meaning and background of each song. It won't necessarily be a song a day, I might discuss a particular song over a few days. It's just something I can share with you all on a daily basis.

"The Calling" started life as a Katara song. Katara was our band before we were Grave Forsaken, and this was one of the songs we carried over. I wrote the initial song and lyrics one day when I just wanted to write something simple. The initial version of the song was only two riffs. When Elias came into the picture he took the song and added the whole middle section. I was so honoured that someone would take my song and enhance it. It was a early sign for me that Elias was going to be someone I could work with. I'll talk more about the message of the song tomorrow.

God Bless and Rock On!

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