More progress

Things are steadily happening. I got a bit more album layout stuff done last night so that is progressing well. I'm hoping once all the details come together then the final process for the album release will be relatively quick.

I also spent some time coming up with a final arrangement for "Warriors Of The Cross". This is the current solo project song I'm working on. If I get the chance I will edit the rhythm track some more tonight. Once I have the full arrangement it is then relatively easy to learn the material and record a better take. I tend to initially record the riffs then copy and paste them together into an arrangement. That arrangement then becomes the foundation of the track and all the other parts get layered on top. I'm finding myself quite motivated to get something done each day, and I think writing a daily post helps. It means I feel like I need to have done something worth mentioning, so that turns into action. It's funny how things work.

God Bless and Rock On!