Album project coming along nicely

Hi everyone, Vaughan here. I've been relatively quiet for the last few months but I have been plugging away on my current album project. Elias has started tracking his guitar parts and he has now recorded four songs. Tim and I have been trying to co-ordinate a time for him to come in and record his vocal parts. Long term supporters of Grave Forsaken will recall that Tim used to perform vocals on quite a few of our early songs. It will be great to have his voice on this album. Matt will also be contributing some vocal parts to the album a bit later on.

Production wise, this album is more in the style of our original EP, "Plugged Into The System" and "Fundamental Principles". All three of those releases were recorded with a very basic home studio setup. I really enjoy that simple approach to recording and this project will reflect that. Musically it reminds me of our first three albums with a bit of the rock vibe of "Plugged Into The System" and "Fundamental Principles" thrown in. For example Songs like  "One True Way", "I Think It's Time", "The Ruskin Arms" and "Calm In The Storm" would fit right into "Plugged Into The System". Other tracks like "Win The Day" and "Warriors Of The Cross" have more of a thrash vibe that fits with our heavier material. I think it's a good mix of everything I've done over the years.

I'll keep you updated as work progresses on the album.