"Beside The River Of Blood" release

Yesterday I discussed "Harder To Hate". It got me thinking about the circumstances that led that song to be on the album. Originally we had recorded 8 songs for the album and we intended to release it independently. Right at the end of the process we were made an offer by Steve Rowe to sign with Rowe Productions. We were really excited and couldn't quite believe it at the time. Steve was keen for the album to be a little longer and asked whether we had any other demos or live tracks we could add to the album. We didn't have anything that we thought was good enough but Elias and I had the idea to do a quick home recording of "Harder To Hate". We had been playing the track live but it wasn't recorded for the album. We stayed up late one night at my house and laid down the track. It was so late in the process that we recorded the song in the same month we released the album! I had Tim lay down a drum track and Matt play his bass and there you have it, a new track! It was funny that we spent so much time recording the first 8 songs and then we recorded "Harder To Hate" literally overnight. It made we wonder what it be like if we recorded a whole album like that. I've always liked the song and I think it's one of the nest sounding tracks on the album. Shows sometimes you've just got to capture the moment.

God Bless and Rock On!