Thank you for the response to our new album!

Thanks Mosher Crew for the positive response to our album release yesterday. The new album is called "It Has Begun" and it was produced by Joshua Gallagher. Joshua also played drums on the album and I was blown away by the incredible job he did behind the kit and behind the desk. 

We would like to encourage everyone to support the physical release of the album by getting a copy from! Every time we sell a copy it is a huge blessing and you can't go wrong for only $15 Australian (plus postage). My hope is that we sell out of physical copies! That would be awesome. If you don't normally buy our albums, or indeed you don't normally buy CDs at all, please consider making a one off purchase this time. We are really thrilled with this album and we think you will be too.

As you receive your copy of the album, please email your review through to me at I would love to share what our Grave Forsaken supporters have to say about the album in our daily updates.

I would also like to encourage all of you Grave Forsaken supporters to share album updates on facebook and other social media. Some of you have already been sharing yesterday's announcement and I appreciate every share, I really do. Together we can get this album out to as many people as possible!

Thanks to all of you who like our posts, buy our CD's, share our updates, make comments and send emails. Also thanks if you read the updates but don't reply or hit like. There is no law saying you have to! The reach this year has been hugely encouraging and you are all helping the metal mission. 

God Bless and Rock On!

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