Solo project continues

With all the excitement of the album release, I haven't looked at my solo project for the last week or so. Today I've had a chance to get on my computer and keep working through the tracks. Part of me is thinking I should give the solo project a name, rather than just doing it as a solo album. There's obviously plenty of time to make those sort of decisions but it is something I've been thinking about. Whatever the case, I'm enjoying the 10 tracks I'm working on and I'm looking forward to getting some of the guys from the band to come in and lay down some parts. Shouldn't be too long before I'm ready for them. Today I'm working on a track called "Calm In The Storm" that we demoed for Grave Forsaken back in 2010. I was going to keep the song for a future Grave Forsaken album, but I've decided to use it here instead. It's a cool track that reminds me a lot of later era Mortification.

God Bless and Rock On!