Gig went well, work on album continues

Hi everyone, Vaughan here. It's been a while since I checked in with an update on the site. The gig on August 4th went very well and we had a great playing together again. When we got together we weren't sure if it would be a one off gig or not. The good news is we had such a great time that we're all keen to do more in the future, so you haven't seen the last of the original lineup! It was also great playing with The Underdogs, Dying Degree and Tumultum. I'm sure we'll do more gigs with those bands in the future!

Given our reunion, the solo project I undertook last year has morphed into a Grave Forsaken effort now. The original idea behind my solo album was to get a recording that had a similar feel to early Grave Forsaken material, so I got the original band members to perform on the album. I also used a lot of the same equipment we used in the early days to get a similar sound. The template was "Harder To Hate" from "Beside The River Of Blood". That song was recorded very quickly and simply in my backroom just before the album was sent to pressing. As things panned out we ended up getting the original band back together, which was certainly helped by the fun we were having recording the solo album. It makes sense that the album will now be a Grave Forsaken project. We still need to record guitar solos and some backing vocals but it is slowly but surely coming together. Musically this album is more reflective of our early material. Those who have followed our albums will know we progressed from raw beginnings to a fairly direct thrash sound. This album deviates from that progression and sounds like a mix between "Beside The River Of Blood" and "Destined For Ascension", with some influences from "This Day Forth". It's only natural given it's the same people playing the music. The production is also a lot more raw than our recent albums. Having said all that, I'm confident our long time supporters will enjoy this album, it's just a little different to what you might expect!

Anyway I better get back to it...

God Bless and Rock On!