Early reaction to "It Has Begun"

Hi all
This comment was posted on our website by a supporter of the band, I thought I'd share it (I have permission from the poster)

"I just received the new cd "It Has Begun" yesterday 9/15 in the mail. I put it in my CD player in the car ride back to work and was blasting it through the streets of New York...The songs instantly hit me in the face and I was thrashing at breakneck speed! I absolutely love this new cd and I love all the blistering leads and solos throughout the album! The lyrics are masterful and are relevant to today's issues...my favorite songs after just one listen are: run for your life, The One who Knows, Battle on, The Seafarer... but I really like them all! Great job Grave Forsaken!"

Feedback like this just makes my day, I really appreciate every person who has been in touch since the album release. it's great to know people are digging the message and the music.

God Bless and Rock On!