Founding member Elias Salmela leaves Grave Forsaken

Hi all, Vaughan here with an important announcement. Founding member and lead guitarist Elias Salmela has made the decision to leave Grave Forsaken after 14 years. We are very sad to see Elias go but we respect his reasons for leaving the band. This decision has been a while in the making and I’ve had many conversations with Elias about it. 

Elias has been a vital member of Grave Forsaken throughout the history of the band and we want to acknowledge his huge contribution. We wouldn’t be the band we are without him. When Grave Forsaken formed Elias was the driving force behind much of what we did. From a personal point of view, Elias has been my best friend and musical partner for many years. He has helped shape me as songwriter and a musician and I appreciate that greatly. 

We wish Elias all the best for the future and we will remain in close contact. Thanks Elias for all the years of service to the metal mission and God bless the next chapter of your life.