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Welcome to the Grave Forsaken website. We are a Perth metal band consisting of Vaughan Gregory on vocals and guitar, Matt Skipworth on bass and Tim Steadman on drums. 


Day 27 - EP recording 

Day 27 - We got some really good takes recorded last night. Tomorrow night the very ambitious goal is to record the rest of Matt's parts. I will get a good chance tomorrow to do some editing and mixing ready for Matt to come in. I should also get the chance to cut some more vocals. Thanks for continuing to follow the progress everyone!

Day 26 - EP recording 

Day 26 - Shreds is over right now and we've spent the last couple of hours recording solos and rhythm guitars. We got the solos done for Crisis and Heaven Waits, and then we got the rhythm done for Plugged Into The System. Elias also recorded a solo for Ehyer Asher Ehyer that wasn't his final vision for the song, however I reckon what he did sounded pretty good. So all in all a very successful night that has given me a couple of days worth of editing and mixing. I need to sit down and work out exactly what needs to be done to finish from here on in, but it isn't much now.

Day 25 

 Day 25 - Had hoped Elias would make it over tonight to record some guitar tracks but we have had to postpone until tomorrow night. Talking to Elias on the phone tonight, he was excited to let me know that he has worked out his solos for 3 of the tracks. I just know that once we get this session done we will be a lot closer to the final goal. I need to redo some of the vocal tracks, so I aim to get them done between now and Friday. Things are about to really start moving!

New episode of GFTV is up 

Hi all, I've uploaded the latest episode of GFTV. This episode takes you through all of our artwork so far, and I do my best to describe the story behind each cover. I hope you enjoy the episode. 
The link is

God Bless

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