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2nd January 2012 

I didn't get much done on the EP today. Tomorrow night is our regular Thursday meetup and I expect we will get some more done then. In particular, Luke's backing vocals. The mixes I've done of the stuff recorded so far are sounding pretty cool and I'm looking forward to adding some extra layers.

Day 40 - EP recording 

Day 40 - So we've arrived at the final day of the challenge. My aim is to get everything that is recorded edited and mixed. There are quite a few backing vocals that I need to edit today, plus some of Matt's bass from yesterday. As I complete each edit, I plan to do a mixdown of each song in it's current state. I would estimate the EP is 90% done now, which definitely wasn't the case 40 days ago. I will keep the updates going until it's finished, but thanks to everyone who has followed the process of recording these last 40 days. I've really enjoyed keeping a daily tab.

Day 39 - EP recording 

Day 39 - Had a great time cutting bass tracks with Matt this afternoon. He has now finished all his parts. We also got time to record all of Matt's backing vocals. He does quite a few on this EP, and I'm looking forward to mixing them in nicely with the other tracks. All that is left is a few parts from Elias and Luke's backing vocals. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we won't quite make the 40 day challenge, but I'm thrilled with how far we've got during this dedicated time. Happy new year everyone, and may 2013 bring everything you are hoping and praying for.

Day 38 - EP recording 

Day 38 - The 40 day challenge is nearly up and I'm not going to quite get the EP finished I've realised. But that's OK, because I am much much more advanced than I would have been without the challenge. Kristy and I are going camping with the kids on the 12th of January, so my target is to do the remaining work by then. It will be great to have a finished version on my iPod to listen to while we are away. Will let you all know tomorrow where things are at. 

Day 37 - EP recording 

Day 37 - Got a good amount done yesterday on the mix and edit. Should get a good amount done again today. With Matt coming in to finish his bass tomorrow the finish line is in sight. My plan by the end of today is to have all existing tracks fully edited and at a reasonable level. I might even to do another batch of mixdowns for my iPod. I will let you know how it goes.

Day 36 - EP recording 

Day 36 - Hi everyone. Got up nice and early this morning and I'm feeling all the better for it. We are having a day at home today which will give me a good chunk of time to keep working on the project. My main task is to edit the recently recorded vocals into a cohesive track. I tend to record verses on the first run and chorus sections on the second run. That way I'm not gasping for air through the whole take. It doesn't matter so much live because I can skip a word here or there to catch my breath. I can't wait to get stuck in!

Day 35 - EP recording 

Day 35 - Caught up with Matt today and we have locked in Sunday to get those bass parts recorded. At the point where I only need those and a few more guitars from Elias, plus backing vocals. Really pleased with the progress. The challenge will be to get it all mixed once it's all tracked. Sounding good so far! 

Day 33 - EP recording 

Day 33 - With it being Christmas yesterday I didn't manage to get anything done and I'm not likely to make any progress today with it being boxing day. I have a week left of the 40 day challenge and I plan to get as much as possible done. It just depends on the schedules the guys have over the next few days but I remain confident of filling in the remaining gaps. I'm really amped about hitting the home stretch. Setting a deadline definitely gets the work focused.

Day 32 - EP recording 

Day 32 - First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone. We hope it's a great time for you and your family. In the end I didn't manage to get all the vocals done yesterday after all, but I'm very happy with what I did get finished. Sometime between now and the end of the 40 day challenge we need to get backup vocals done as well. Mostly gang vocal type stuff, but I'll also get Luke and Matt to directly back some of the chorus parts. In particular, I think Crisis and Prisoner Of Consequence will work well with their backing vocals. Won't get anything done today, but should be back into it by tomorrow. Have a great day!

Day 32 - EP recording 

Day 32 - All things going to plan I should have the vocals finished today. I've had to slightly alter some lyrics just to make a line here and there fit better. But after today, no more vocal takes! Also, since Elias has added some harmonies, I've slightly altered the singing style in certain parts. I'm excited that this process is bearing fruit.

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