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9th June 2014 

Things have been a little quiet the last couple of months but we have some activity coming up. This Friday we are playing at 8.30pm at the Railway Hotel in North Fremantle. We have a 50 minute set so we are planning 10 songs.

Our latest album is recorded and the cover artwork is being worked on. We are also well into recording the next project after that so there is plenty of new music on the horizon. We would love to get this stuff out to you sooner but all these processes take time and they're often out of our control. The next album is killer and we know you will love it!

15th March 2013 

Hi everyone, mixing of the latest EP is well underway. Last night Elias and I sat down and had a good listen to four of the songs. We are really happy with what weve achieved with our home recording setup. The songs we mixed were Ehyer Asher Ehyer, So We Carry On, Crisis and Prisoner Of Consequence. My goal for the next week is to get 5 of the 8 songs mixed fully. Upon listening last night, Elias and I identified 3 songs that could use a few more guitar parts. Nothing complicated, just little bits that will improve the songs.

We are looking forward to wrapping this project and getting on with the next goal. We have been in discussion over the next move for the band. We have a number of different recording projects in mind and it's a matter of picking one and seeing it through. Because each album takes us about a year from start to finish, we have to carefully decide what is next. For example, this EP has been a huge undertaking. Without Dan's guidance we've had to work out a lot of things as we go. Hence the 8 tracks have taken much longer than hoped to even get to this point. However, we have a track record of delivering an album nearly every year, so we're confident we'll finish whatever we start. Rambling enough?

Catch you all next time!

11th March 2013 

Going to be doing some EP mixing tonight. I think I will just go through them song by song from start to finish over the next couple of weeks.

10th March 2013 

Just a reminder we now have Reap What You Sow shirts available from our webstore at

Going to spend some time this week mixing the EP!

9th March 2013 

Elias and I finished tracking the EP on Thursday. Next job is to work through editing it. And I might re-record one or two vocal tracks depending on how the mixes sound. My vocals are always the hardest thing for me to be discerning about.

25th February 2013 

25th February 2013 - We're looking to build the email list for the band so we're giving a free download of our 2nd album "Destined For Ascension" when you sign up. Just head over to our page at and the sign up form is right under the menu. We hope to see a few of you on the list! 

24th February 2013 

24th February 2013 - I'm starting to feel a lot better after my appendicitis. Going to be going back to work tomorrow. We won't be practising this week because a couple of us are heading to Kiss on our rehearsal night. Week after though should be a good chance to get back into it. It's been a slow start to the year, I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

22nd February 2013 

22/2/2013 - Hi all, Vaughan here. Just letting you know the Reap What You Sow shirts are now in the Grave Forsaken store on our website. If you want a size that's not listed, just order any of the sizes but make a note of the size you want in the comments section of the checkout. We can then get your shirt made. Shirts are $40 and that includes postage worldwide. Thanks in advance for your support!

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